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Like a lot of folks, you might have learned about the kitchenware on TV. Let me tell you what you’ll get here for your visit. You will find here honest words from people who have actually tried the cookware and have gotten results.

We also give you its reported benefits and features which set it apart from other similar products in the market. Then you’ll be shown where to buy it so you’ll get the most bang for your money and effort.

Orgreenic Kitchenware – What Is, What’s Not and What You Get

The merchant says that this pan is a natural, ceramic-topped cookware. It is supposedly non-stick, but unlike your standard non-stick cookware it is reportedly a safe cookware because it does not have PFOA. EPA found out that common non-stick pans contain PFOA in small quantities and subsequently declared it as a possible human carcinogen. That is why flaking non-stick coatings have become a serious concern for a lot of people.

Like regular non-stick cookware, Orgreenic kitchenware apparently uses little or no oil and doesn’t require any special cleaning method because it is reportedly easy to clean. Other claims are that it can withstand high temperatures, heats up fast and retains heat longer, which can save you fuel.

Orgreenic Kitchenware Reviews – These Are What Users Have To Say

Reviews abound on the internet that anyone seeking information may feel like going in circles. Since those who have bought and tried Orgreenic cookware are the ones who can provide truthful reviews, we bring them to you. Below are some of their feedbacks:

I did eggs w/o oil. Fantastic. It peeled off nicely and did not stick. Also it tastes differently than the oil shell you get from a regular pan with oil. It even creates tasty crusty surface. The pan itself retains heat much longer than a regular metal pan. — nephosa, Chowhound

More Reviews

So you’ll be able to gauge and decide better, let’s evaluate some more  reviews from users:

Here is Rhonda’s take on how to make Orgreenic work right:

I’m thinking most folks that have had problems with these pans sticking, didn’t fully read and follow the “seasoning” directions. They do have to be seasoned to work right…..Rhonda, The Shopper, Amazon

This user shares what the merchant did to ensure he gets his order without further delay:

I upped my order to the two pan delux basic set with lids and waited for almost a month before recieving to my surprise and delight, the entire 16 piece set at no additional charge. Along with the set I got a memo stating that they were sorry for the delay, but that they were all sold out of their delux basic sets and so as to not delay my order any longer were shipping me the whole set…shadowdancer, Chowhound

This statement about ceramics, is from someone who seems to know his stuff well :

Ceramic is definitely the way to go when it comes to heat. . I understand ceramics as I worked with ceramics for years in the space industry…Matthew m, Yahoo Answers

Stomsf, gives a tip if you get stuck with an egg:

Scrambled eggs/egg whites do tend to stick in the pan, leaving a bit of a sticky mess, but after the pan cools the mess just slides out of the pan, easily. The pots have been great, no issues…stomsf, Chowhound

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