Most families struggle with not having enough time, especially in the kitchen. This is why many adults look for kitchen appliances that speed everything up. One necessary item is the Ninja food processor because it’s a two-for-one kitchen system that acts like a food processor and a blender. It is capable of crushing ice and creating pulps from whole fruit. It can make dough. This eliminates one item from the counter or the cabinet, because it’s found all in one place.

Not a Normal Appliance

The Ninja food processor is capable of doing amazing things in the kitchen, especially when it’s a blender and mixer wrapped up all in one. In most cases, these appliances are separate. It works because it contains a single control box that is capable of holding both of the containers. However, each container has its own attachments and blades.

Innovative Controls

The base of the Ninja blender 1100 showcases a unique control system that follows pre-selected speeds. They are:

  • Pulse 1
  • Pulse 2
  • Pulse 3

These speeds or pulses are used to control the processing system. For instance, Pulse 1 is for making dough, Pulse 2 is for blending, and Pulse 3 is for crushing. Each of these pulses are designed for specific purposes and make it much easier to put together meals. It speeds everything up.

Offers a SmartSpeed

If you want to powerfully mix your dough with 1½ pounds of floor, then use pulse 1. This is the slowest speed. When adding the ingredients into the bowl, the dough hook will slowly mix everything together. Once it’s all together, it will quickly speed up the mixing process until it’s at the desired consistency.

This means the mixture stays at a pre-selected, steady speed to mix everything up into a ball. It’s called SmartSpeed and won’t go any faster than necessary. The reason is the appliance prepares it for the baker. The cook then takes over and starts baking the dough. The hardest part was completed by this multi-purpose food processor.

Here is an example of what users have to say in their Ninja blender reviews:

“It does a fantastic job and, thanks to a turbo motor, it blends in seconds. Crushes ice like nobody’s business. I would recommend this to anyone.”
- WindyByTheSea,

Blades Are Very Sharp

It’s important that the blades on the Ninja blender 1100 stay sharp, because this is what allows you to cut through practically anything. However, it means you have to be very careful when the appliance isn’t in use. Ninja blender reviews from users  usually say  it’s better to keep the blades locked within the container. When washing the machine, first put the blade into the dishwasher. Then place the pitcher upside down over the blade. This protects you from getting cut while unloading or loading the dishes. Also, they say don’t grab the blades. It’s best to handle the ends.

“All in all, the positives of this product outweigh the danger of the blades in my opinion, as long as you’re careful, keep the blades locked in the pitchers at all times I think you’ll be extremely satisfied with your purchase.”

- R. Taylor,

Appliance Can Do Multiple Tasks

If you own the Ninja food processor, then it allows you to complete multiple tasks with one machine. This doesn’t happen very often, which means kitchen counter space and time are saved.

Plus, many Ninja food processor reviews say it saves lots of money. It’s sold for $159 and has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. You may also avail of the four-payment scheme offered by the merchant. However, it’s important to get it from a reputable place like the official merchant site. This makes sure you get the warranty and usually a better deal. The set also comes with a free cookbook.

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