The Ninja blender comes with three different speeds, which allows you to complete almost any type of kitchen task. Maybe you want to bake bread and don’t want to spend hours kneading or want to quickly make frozen drinks. This multipurpose kitchen appliance is a combination blender and food processor, so you save time, energy, and cabinet space.

Comes with Three Different Speeds

In order to have two machines in one, the Ninja 1100 food processor uses a uniquely designed control box. It can hold a 72 oz. container and 40 oz. container that is capable of doing different things. The Ninja blenders have bases that also have a control system that contains pre-selected speeds. These pulses are 1, 2, and 3, which allows you to control the processor.

Pulse 1 is SmartSpeed 

If you use Pulse 1, it’s best for making dough. It’s called SmartSpeed and can mix up dough quickly and easily. Reviews say that the reason the blender  works so well is it starts slowly. The dough hook slowly mixes up the ingredients and gradually speeds up. However, it’s a steady speed that won’t go any faster than needed. It is kneading the bread until it’s consistent and ready for the oven. This food processor do all of the hard work!

Pulse 2 is the Blender Function

Every blender needs this function, especially when you want to create smoothies, soups, or other fruit concoctions. It’s best to use the 40 oz. bowl and the quad blade 4 when making smoothies. The blades are extremely sharp and should be used with care.

Many people usually make smoothies with this function. They normally contain fruit, milk, and ice, which is the traditional mix. However, users say that there are lots of different combinations. This is why the Ninja blenders come with a cookbook, allowing you to make something different.

“I can go from making salsa in the 40 oz to making smoothies in the 72 oz without having to do dishes in between. The power is amazingly strong and powerful.”

- lucasfamily,

Pulse 3 is Best for Crushing

Ninja 1100 food processor is also helpful when wanting to create frozen drinks. These kitchen appliances contain pulse 3, which is appropriate for crushing. It can crush frozen ice and fruit. This makes it a lot easier when making frozen drinks, whether they’re margaritas or coffee drinks.

Here is demonstration of the ice-crushing ability of the Ninja blender:


It’s best to use the 72 oz. pitcher and the quad blade with six blades, because it’s the easiest way to cut through lots of ice at one time. It’s also easier to make a drink. A person just has to add the drink’s ingredients and start crushing up the ice. You’re left with a yummy drink that doesn’t take much time.

“So far I have made cookie dough, soups, salsa, fresh vegtable smoothies, fresh fruit smoothies and ice cream etc. I’ve been putting it to the test since I’ve received it and have yet to be disappointed. Buy in confidence as this product will be one to use everyday.”

- dagov,

Also Makes Juice

Pulse 3 is also capable of making juice. There’s no need to peel the whole fruit, which saves even more time. If the juice becomes too thick, people suggest adding a little bit of water. However, if you like the thick juices with peel and all, you won’t need to make too many changes.

When worked at high speeds, pulse 3 can also beat up egg whites for meringue pies or other desserts. It just shows that this kitchen appliance contains special controls. It’s easy to see how Ninja blender opens up the world of cooking and make everything so much easier.

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