If you are looking for information about ceramic non-stick cookware, you have found the right place. We will provide you with information that you are seeking in regards to ceramic non-stick cookware and show you one which you might already be interested in.

What Are The Features of Ceramic Cookware

The term ceramic cookware applies to a wide range of cookware brands with ceramic topped surfaces, which is bonded to a metal base. The ceramic top, which is often glazed, provides a supposedly non-stick surface without the dangers associated with traditional non-stick pans.

Ceramic non-stick cookware distributes heat evenly and retains heat longer, thereby, allowing you to save fuel. It can also withstand extremes of temperature, and will remain non-stick at that heat level.

The ceramic top is reported to be scratch-proof and doesn’t chip and break, making it very durable. Cleaning is also very easy with just soap, water and a sponge.

Are Ceramic Cookware Safe?

There are concerns about the safety of glazed ceramic non-stick cookware. Any cookware is only as safe as the materials and additives used to manufacture the product. If the glaze used for the ceramic contains lead, then, it may leach into the food. However, manufacturers treat it with a finish that seals-in any harmful substances.

It is important to note that ceramic non-stick cookware does not contain PTFE, which gives off toxic fumes when overheated. The PTFE is what gives traditional non-stick pans their non-stick properties. Ceramic topped cookware is also free from PFOA, which the EPA declared as a possible human carcinogen.

What Brand of Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Is Safe?

There is a number of ceramic cookware in the market, nowadays. One name which we believe is worthy to be mentioned is Orgreenic cookware. It has all the features common to ceramic cookware and is reported to be natural and safe. This cookware is purportedly non-stick enough that it requires very little or no oil at all. It is light enough, so that it’s easy on the wrist, but, is sturdy and durable. It can supposedly withstand a thousand scrubbing and won’t scratch. Plus, it is cost-effective.

Feedback From Orgreenic Users

To give you a better grasp of what Orgreenic is, we gathered these review snippets from those who’ve tried it.

It is the best non-stick I’ve ever used and clean up with just a sponge. Light weight, but sturdy and nice handle that doesn’t transmit heat. Cooking surface is quite smooth and well bonded and doesn’t seem like it will ever chip. I’m getting the whole set for third the Orgreenic price — vobickobi, Amazon

This Is How and Where You Can Buy Orgreenic

If you are interested in buying Orgreenic, we recommend you get it from the official merchant so that you are assured of quality.  You can also avoid the mark-up that other retail stores may place on their products.

If you get it from the merchant, you are covered by their lifetime warranty. You can also refund your full payment less shipping within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the product for whatever reason.

Right now, the merchant said that they have loads of orders, so if you don’t want to wait in a long line, you have to place your order now.

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